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New To CrossFit

Welcome to Team CrossFIt Academy…it’s very easy to get started on your journey here.  Once you have made the decision to start your training with us, please give us a call at 626-437-8739 to schedule your free and private INTRO session.  Here’s what you’ll need to know about that session:

1.  Your INTRO session can be scheduled at a time that best fits your schedule.  It usually lasts around an hour. You may bring friends and family with you as well.

2.  Your INTRO session begins with a brief welcoming and tour of our training facility.

3.  Your INTRO session will move into our classroom, and we’ll deliver an overview of what Team CrossFit Academy is, what we do, what makes our training programs successful, and explain all our programs available for you.  We’ll define fitness and uncover the “10 General Physical Skills.”  We’ll take the time to answer basic questions regarding how our Affiliate can help you achieve all your goals.

4.  If interested, your INTRO session will then move into a general warm-up for a voluntary fitness assessment/workout.  This allows you to get a taste of a classic CrossFit style training session.  This basic workout was designed by the coaches to help uncover both strengths and weaknesses in all participants.

5.  Upon completion of the workout we close with a small Q and A session about all of the available training and membership options here at Team CrossFit Academy including, but not limited to personal training, USA Weightlifting, OPEX (formerly OPT), and CrossFit Football. We are also always happy to answer questions regarding nutrition, goals and assessment, and athletic development during this time.

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