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Additional Training Options

Team CrossFit Academy prides itself at recognizing the significant differences in programs available for different goals. One size does NOT fit all. With that in mind, the best results, in the fastest time will come from one-on-one personal assessment and athletic program design. For those that enjoy the group environment we offer Fitness, Performance, Valkyries, CrossFit Football, Starting Strength, Wendler 5-3-1, and a sanctioned USA Weightlifting Team. In addition to our indoor programs we are also proud to offer an outdoor year-round competitive Arrogant Bastard Trail Racing Team. No other CrossFit Affiliate in the greater LA County offers as extensive a selection as Team CrossFit Academy.


Our fitness classes are where everyone goes after successfully graduating the Fundamentals Course. This is where you can continue to learn about strength training, appropriate metabolic conditioning, and where you can have a lot of fun. This is the place to learn how to balance your fitness with your busy life. This is where we’ll Read more…



Our performance team is a chance for you to improve your fitness level. Clients that meet basic criteria enter here with a plan in place and a direction. They are well-balanced athletes and have goals that require a little more attention to detail. The general group fitness classes are not specific enough for these clients Read more…


CrossFit Football

“We use multi-plane compound movements to simulate the demands placed on an athlete during sport. Football, like most field sports, is a game of seconds and inches. CrossFit Football knows the demands placed on players during the game and the distances they will have to travel. With this in mind, we can replicate the stresses Read more…


USAW Weightlifting

Team CrossFit Academy offers a year-round sanctioned USAW team that practices six days a week in preparation for the physical and emotional demands of the sport of weightlifting. Our Class 3, 2, and 1 lifters prepare for the sport with 5, 6, 8, and 12 week cycles of training geared toward competition. We use classic Read more…